About Me

About Me:

♦ Free Spirit

 Writer  ♦ Adventurer  ♦ Wannabe Yogi


Hey you!

Let me tell you a little about myself!!  I am currently living in ATL (a crazy, never-boring place!

I’m a recovering people-pleaser…who is now determined to live life for me…no matter what that looks like to anyone else.

I’m finding my own True North.

I’m an ex-gym rat (turned “balance-in-all-things seeker”), who wasted nearly a decade, wrestling body image issues, food issues and punishing my body and mind instead of loving them.

I’m a pagan (living in the Bible belt, which makes life a little more “interesting”) letting go of a lifetime of indoctrination, rediscovering truths that have slumbered in the depths of my soul.

My perspective is ever-evolving, with each new revelation I find myself more and more grateful.

I march to the beat of my own drum, always have…(well not always, more on that later).

I’m a liberal in a family of conservatives.

A city-loving, tree-hugger, raised in rural South Carolina (by a Pentecostal preacher’s son).

I love my people, but need hefty doses of alone time.

I find comfort in darkness, yet long for sunshine on my face.

A walking contradiction most of the time.

I am a writer.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing. Writing, writing, writing.  Always writing. Anything, everything…stories, poems, songs, random thoughts…filling up every journal I can get my hands on.

You get the point.  Writing is my jam! It makes me happy, it’s soul-cleansing. It’s meditation on paper.

Yet there was a time that I cast myself aside, my inner-voice, that deep-knowing about what I wanted was silenced and replaced with conformity.

I warned you, I’m a recovering people-pleaser. Also a Pisces..we sometimes like to just go with the flow. At times this is a good thing…while there are definitely other times when going with the flow means losing who you are.

I allowed myself to become trapped.  Trapped by toxic thoughts, societal norms, religious views, narrow-mindedness, and self depreciation.  This was my reality.  I had slowly drowned.  The real me had vanished.  There came a point I no longer recognized myself. I went through the motions of life, plastered on a happy face. While my reality was only toxicity.  I was miserable and stressed, in desperate need of peace. One day I reached my breaking point.

Choices were slim. I was either going to go crazy from this stress or I was going to have to do some serious soul-searching.

Soul-searching sounds better than a padded room so…

I made a conscious decision to live my own life! Embrace my own beliefs! Let go of what no longer serves me!


Long overdue, CHANGE!!!!

If you don’t already know, change is PAINFUL! Change also takes a minute! Trying to rewire toxic thought processes that were ingrained in my head has been a challenge.

I evaluate and re-evaluate every aspect of myself. I am still evaluating!!

I  realize that my beliefs, desires and dreams took a backseat….to normalcy.

Normal?!? Me?!?! Nope, unacceptable!

Instead of pursuing a life I dreamed of,  I was desperately pursuing a cookie cutter life!

(Cookie cutter = Not my thing)

My mission now: Get words on paper. Live the life I dream of.  Create my own reality.

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