Fur Kids

I am an animal lover.  That is putting it mildly.  If I had the money, time, or space (currently I’m 0-3 in those areas) I would have a farm FULL of pets (I’m talking ANY kind of pet)!!

Let’s just be real here, my opinion is…. people are overrated and animals are where it’s at!

Fur Kid #1: JASPER

Untitled design

Rescued in 2011. Jasper is SUPA lazy! Most days he can be found snoozing in a basket full of blankets or sprawled in the sun.  Jasper’s nights are fairly routine.  As soon as we head to bed, he can be found lying next to Brent trying to knead him, claws out of course!  He will even try stick his claws in B’s face!  When he tires of that he is unstoppable in his pursuits of finding ANY hand that is willing to pet him.  And, yes, he is named after a sparkly vampire, don’t judge me (I loved vampires before it was cool to love vampires…).

Fur Kid #2: DIESELUntitled design (1)

Rescued a few months later in 2011.  Diesel is the equivalent of a sloth on Ambien….a local radio host here in Atlanta made the comment that he felt his English bulldog’s blood was half Prozac…must be Diesel’s twin.  The only thing he gets excited about is food,  marking his territory and making sure that NO other fur kid gets more attention than him!




This is my main squeeze.  My baby boy. The most beautiful black cat that you will ever see.  Superstitions be damned!  I rock this dude like a little baby on a daily basis. Seriously,  he is so rotten, and I LOVE IT.  He will also let the kids carry him all over the house.  The funny thing is, he is typically anti-social.  He is NOT a fan of the dogs, he thinks they are unintelligent and they stink (I’m just repeating what he told me…).  90% of the time he can be found on top of the boys bunk bed where he is safe to sleep the days away without risking being annoyed by a canine.


Fur Kid #4: CIRCE KANAGAN SOLSTICE MCEWENUntitled design (2)

So Circe is the only AKC registered dog I’ve ever owned.  We typically rescue all our animals.  I have hoped to own a Great Dane since I was a kid.  I love BIG dogs…(and little dogs, and medium sized dogs….ok, ok, I love ALL dogs).  She was my birthday present almost 2 years ago.  She was born on Dec.14th 2014 (who else was born on that day you ask?  Brent! Crazy coincidence? I think not! ).  She is ALL puppy STILLLLLLL!!!  Brent is patiently waiting for this stage to be over.  So far she’s eaten: an entire door frame, a window sill, bed posts, 1002 toys, multiple pairs of shoes, half of a 2×4, at least 2 lawn chairs….ok so you get the idea.  In spite of her current chewing obsession, she is an awesome girl.  She LOVES attention, HATES to be alone, and is SCARED of EVERYTHING!  Thus far we have be unable to convince her that she is not a Chihuahua, but we love it!